EventClips Vs Race Magnets

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EventClips Vs Race Magnets

EventClip Benefits

Selling for 8 years now customers are still using there originals.

Gold Winner of the British Running Awards 2017, 2018, 2019

(Public Vote)

The only recycled product, proven and specifically designed for securing race numbers

Supplied in reusable really bag

Light weight only 1 gsm each

Bevelled backs guaranteed not to rub

Cannot move

Used buy Dame Kelly Holmes and Vassos

Magnet none Benefits

Unnecessary amount of packaging

Interfere with timing chips

Interfere with GPS Garmins etc

Can wipe bank cards

Can wipe damage mobile phones


Can rub in inside

Can move

EventClip Manufacture

Made with Recycled plastic

Invented and made in the UK

Very low carbon foot print

(Manufactured 11 miles away from our office where they are then printed with Eco inks and despatched direct)

Magnet Manufacture

Not made with Recycled plastic

Made in China

Carbon foot print, judge for your self.

(Outers and magnets made in 2 different factories, transported for assembly and print using solvent based glues then transported for shipping transported to wholesales for sale to retail)

Dave Grimnes – Tried these and magnets. I personally found these easier, cheaper and much better but down to personal preference.

I went onto Amazon to buy some magnets (after safety pins ruining too many tops) and your product came up, realised I couldn’t have magnets as they could interfere with the chip on the bib so googled your company, found the website and ordered form there. I’m a runner and if I like them I’ll send a pic.

Cheers Lee

I took them to a group run this past weekend to get some thoughts on it and test with bibs.  They were well received.

One runner owned a similar magnet system and liked yours much better since the strength of the magnets makes the devices difficult to handle and store.

Plus they are heavier and rub.


And as added feedback for you… at the same time I bought the clips, I also bought a set of Bibbit magnets. I tried the magnets during a short 3km race, then I tried the clips during a half marathon.

For the second half marathon two weeks later I had no doubts: CLIPS! The magnets may look fancier, but the clips are much more reliable.

And the fact that you can put them on the shirt before wearing it is a mega plus in my opinion.


They are always beautiful and special, they also keep me calm because I know that gps is not going to get harmed by magnets, while my t-shirts are all in good condition without any holes.

Once again congratulations for your product.


I searched google for a solution, your product and the magnetic one showed up. I’ve tried the magnetic versions and found that they did not work with the material of cycling jerseys and worse the punishment that Cyclocross can deal out (mud, rain, snow and worse). I purchased a single set for £7.99 on Amazon (kind of expensive for something that eventually will get lost..lol). Then I found your site and ordered 5 sets…no more magnets. thank you for your excellent product and service.


Hi Mike,

Thank you, looking forward to giving them a go and getting rid of the pins.

I found them through Google when trying to find an alternative to pins. I originally bought Racedot magnets but they interfered with my electronic trackers on the back of the bib, and they were very expensive to buy..

I then found Event Clips – I watched a couple of review videos on youtube before purchasing.


Lyn Gravell Used them twice now great north and cardiff half. Great item and tops are fine after wards defo recommend and I used magnets and pins and these are easier to fit and better.

Hi Mike,

I’m a runner and cyclist alright.

I love trail running also, so I’m interested to see how they manage with the lots of rough terrain I’ll be running in.

I got magnetic clips earlier this year, because I didn’t want to damage my clothing with needles, but they’re not the most secure and when I came across an ad for your product on Facebook, I said I’d give them a try.

Your clips are better in every way and being recycled is s big plus.

Regards Fergus

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the update.

I heard about EventClips from a member of my running club. I was looking for magnetic bib numbers and asked advice when I saw he had EventClips… he said the magnetic ones weren’t much good.

Looking forward to receiving them!

Janet x


I’ll hopefully (postman permitting) be using these clips in Mallorca on Sunday for the Palma Half Marathon, however I leave early Friday morning so may have left it too late.

I used the clips for the first time during this years GNR, and found them better than magnets.

Valenta (they arrived in time)

Hello! I found you on the internet looking for race bib magnets initially, and then I saw pinless fasteners and your site.

I really liked everything about them. No pins, and honestly my wife has magnets and they are a pain to use. She was jealous now she has her own.



Though I’d drop you a line to say thanks for the work on the clips for the 2019 Grizzly.

Plenty of positive feedback from runners who where mighty surprised to receive eventclips along with their numbers….

AS promised I have attached a couple of photos showing clips in situ….surviving some of the terrain (couple of bogs along with nearly 2 miles of pebble beach and a number of severe hills well lots really….19 miles overall and people still come back and do it again 🙂 ).

Lining up at the start I’d reckon over 95% of runners were using them which made me feel better ( as it was my suggestion in the first place…)

Regards – Chris on behalf of the Grizzly committee.