How They Work

So how do the Event Clip pinless number fasteners work?

NO holes in your top.

Use through only single layer, make holes or slits with pen tip, hole punch etc.
or fold corner over and make a 3mm slit with teeth.
For skin suits and time trial numbers see Cycle Page.

EventClips® - Pinless Bib Number Fasteners - How They Work

To fix to loose fitting top.

  • Place the top on a flat surface
  • Put Studs through holes in number
  • Place number on top
  • Marry up with the BackClip and Snap-Lock

To fix to a tight fitting top.

  • Start with the top right hole in the number, place the FaceStud through the hole/slit
  • Place the number with the FaceStud on top (keep EventClips away from nipples)
  • Breath in to expand the material of top
  • Marry BackClip up with each FaceStud and press until it clicks and locks
  • Check your EventClip is secure by pulling on each FaceStud

To remove.

  • Remove top & turn inside out Prise the BackClip up from the Flat Edge first

Made from Re-Cycled plastic and proven in the toughest events.

  • Will work on most running tops & lightweight waterproofs
  • Bevelled back less than 2mm thick will not rub
  • Stops number from flapping
  • Light weight less than 1gsm
  • Can be branded

Dimples should wash and stretch out – Always test on unimportant area of garment.
We do not accept responsibility for any damage done.
Do not machine wash. May pose choking hazard.